The Blind Advocacy Radio is (not) a nonprofit organization. However, we rely on donations to run this radio station.

What Will The Donations To This Station Be Used For?

The donations will be used for in the following ways:

  • Licensing: We play music on our radio station, requiring us to have a license to stream. We will most likely use MixCloud Pro, or Live365 as our licensing provider.
  • Operation Costs: We rely on servers to run our radio station. As of May of 2022, we are still testing the setup of the radio station using StationPlaylist on a local device, and Azuracast. The station will likely migrate to a virtual Windows Server, where it will be remotely managed by the owner, manager, and program director. DJ’s are not able to access the main (main) automated system themselves.
  • We may give back to the community.
  • And, many many more, such as getting Station ID’s, Jingles, etc.

The first financial report will be released in September of 2022. It will be available on this website.

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